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Leader in Geospatial Technology

Industry Innovator

Powered by our GeoMatrix® Technology

The tool of choice for building high-performance, high-quality interactive Geospatial solutions


Global Data Visualization

Visualize and interact with a multitude of Geospatial information in the Global 3D environment.


Navigate an unlimited amount of Geospatial data in real-time.

Track millions of Geo-referenced objects on a Global scale without compromising on performance.

Custom Configuration

Bring your own imagery, elevation, vector, and annotation data.


Combine your data with symbols, labels, 3D models.


Create scripted behaviors and fly-though paths as part of a custom experience.



A fast and versatile rendering engine that can bring together multiple image, terrain, vector, and annotation datasets at runtime.

Superior rendering and optimized performance on a wide variety of hardware platforms ranging from low-end embedded systems with limited memory and graphics resources to high-end powerhouses with multi-panel displays and multiple graphics cards.

Leader in 3D Map Technology for Avionics


“There’s a simple explanation why WorldSat has been doing business with GeoFusion for over twenty years: excellence….in technology, support and service.”

Emery Miller, WorldSat International Inc.

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