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1st in 3D Global Mapping for Commercial Aviation


GeoFusion invent the 3D Interactive Global Map platform for tracking Aircrafts in 3D Earth environment.


Sept 14

GeoFusion's 3D Earth Visualization Technology adopted by THALES to create First of Kind Interactive 3D Moving Map Application for In-Flight Entertainment, named 3DMaps.

Press release:


Thales & GeoFusion Partner on First of Kind Interactive 3D Moving Map Application for In-Flight Entertainment
WAEA Long Beach, CA, September 14, 2010


Thales, a leader in In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) and connectivity systems, is pleased to introduce a new fully interactive 3D moving map product developed in partnership with GeoFusion, Inc. a 3D Earth visualization technology specialist. The application is compatible with the Thales TopSeries IFE platform and is expected to take flight early 2011. This 3D moving map powered by GeoFusion will provide passengers the ability to track the aircraft in motion as it flies over a high resolution 3D globe represented by satellite imagery and also includes a stunning experience of tracking the aircraft in real time while in taxi, take-off, flight and landing phases.

“Thales is thrilled to have partnered with GeoFusion on this exciting product. Innovative and rich in capability, this product is the foundation of an entirely new portfolio of map applications for the TopSeries platform,” said Stuart Dunleavy Vice President of Marketing and Customer Propositions at Thales. Other features allow each passenger to browse the globe independently from the aircraft position with control to zoom, tilt, and rotate views. There are also pre-defined views such as cockpit, left and right window, and continuous rotating views around the aircraft as it flies. The application is also suitable for overhead broadcast operation and can be scripted showing specific subject matter at pre-determined intervals and flight phases.

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