Our Mission

GeoFusion's mission is to expand our industry-leading Geospatial Visualization Technology, deliver a highly accurate digital twin of planet Earth, and effectively visualize it in ways that match how the human brain sees the world in 3D. We measure our success by the ability of GeoFusion's technology to inspire and help give direction to the social, economic, infrastructure and ecological changes required for reducing the risks of climate change and getting the rise in global temperature below 1.5 degrees C in the coming decade.


Meet Our Team


Alexander Matiyevsky

Founder & CEO

Mr. Matiyevsky runs GeoFusion business operations and its software development process. His career-long experience developing advanced visualization systems for public and private sector customers equips him to bring valuable insights to new product development. An expert-level Software Architect with over three decades of experience in software engineering and project management, Mr. Matiyevsky guides customers' strategic development pipelines with the grace of an orchestra director. Prior to co-founding GeoFusion, Mr. Matiyevsky served as Vice President of Technology at Axios Data Analysis Systems Corporation, Technical Lead at the United States Naval Research Laboratory, and Technical Director at Mississippi State University’s Center for Air Sea Technology at NASA Stennis Space Center. Mr. Matiyevsky received his M.S. in Computer Science from Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, Russia.


Paul Hansen

Founder & CTO

Mr. Hansen is GeoFusion's Chief Scientist and Software Architect. Mr. Hansen is a visionary, mathematician, and guru-level engineer who has an in-depth understanding of computer graphics rendering and texture-mapping processes, as well as a highly developed capacity for extreme optimization. Mr. Hansen is one of the early pioneers of digital Earth technology, inventing the GeoMatrix system in 1999.  Prior to co-founding GeoFusion, Mr. Hansen was a pivotal Graphics Software Engineer at Silicon Graphics (SGI) for ten years, simulating graphics microchips for design verification, directly contributing to the company's reputation for innovation and rapid rise during the birth of advanced digital graphic imaging technologies.  Mr. Hansen received his B.S. in Computer and Information Science and did graduate work at the University of California at Santa Cruz.


Charles Stein

Founder & CFO

Mr. Stein heads GeoFusion accounting and finance and is also involved in business operations and customer solutions. With a solid background in business, environmental data management, visualization, computer engineering, and programming, Mr. Stein is the ultimate problem solver with a high-level perspective of technology trends. Prior to co-founding GeoFusion, Mr. Stein worked as a Technical Lead for multiple DoD projects at the United States Naval Research Laboratory. Mr. Stein holds B.S. in Computer and Information Science from the University of California at Santa Cruz.


Howard Larson

Founder & VP Client Success

Mr. Larson heads GeoFusion Customer Relations and is deeply involved in designing customer solutions and working directly with customers in the application and development of GeoFusion solutions to individual customer's requirements.  With over four decades of broad experience in scientific computing, detailed modeling and interactive simulations, Mr. Larson serves as the ideal in-house customer product and technology engineering advocate. Prior to co-founding GeoFusion, Mr. Larson worked at Raytheon as Senior Principal Systems Engineer and led teams covering all phases of software analysis and mission planning of space-based surveillance system architectures, autonomous missile detection and tracking, as well as next-generation radar systems and international business activities. Mr. Larson holds M.S. in Solid State Electronics from University of California, Los Angeles.


About Us

Founded in 2001 by a group of seasoned professionals who share a common vision and passion for Software Engineering and the art of Virtual Reality and 3D Visualization, GeoFusion specializes in high-performance, high-quality interactive Geospatial solutions.


We are experts in integrating, displaying and tracking geo-referenced data on and around the Earth and other celestial bodies, focusing on the geographic, temporal, and spatial context. Geo-referenced data include Earth imagery (satellite and aerial), terrain data (elevation and bathymetry), vector data (political boundaries, coastlines, roads, etc.), annotation data (place names, GPS locations of objects, etc.), models (buildings, trees, towers, land/sea/air/space vehicles, satellites, etc.).


We're dedicated to creating the best Geospatial technology possible and making it accessible to a wide audience of users. Our proprietary technology allows for rapid development of stand-alone applications, applications that run inside web browsers, peer-to-peer and client-server applications. With an extremely fast rendering engine and a superior grid system for tiling the Earth, our powerful software architecture is designed, implemented and packaged for rapid solution generation. Highly extensible, it facilitates creative expression.


We accomplish our mission by licensing GeoFusion products, through strategic partnerships and by offering custom product development and rendering services. Since its inception, GeoFusion's focus has always been on developing its core technology, the GeoMatrix® Geospatial System and on the quality of superior rendering, optimized performance, ease of operation for end users, flexibility in its application and scalability for developers.


GeoFusion technology is used internationally in different industries: GIS, defense, aviation, space exploration, education, gaming, news, entertainment, and consumer products.


Trusted By Industry Leaders


"The GeoMatrix system creates a new standard for sharing and visualizing digital earth data."

Jack Dangermond, ESRI President


“The GeoFusion technology is extremely impressive from a foundational level. From a 3D perspective, their 3D rendering is top of the line.”

Thomas Kimberly, THALES Aerospace


“GeoFusion’s technology has always been far ahead of the rest. With it we ran the world’s first 4K 3D projection remotely from Japan while displaying it real time in California.”

John Graham, Senior Engineer, National Science Foundation


“We’ve been working with GeoFusion for over twenty years simply because of the fact that, if there is way, GeoFusion can do it.”

Robert Stacey, WorldSat International Inc.

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