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Our Mission

GeoFusion's mission is to expand the user base of our industry-leading geospatial visualization and analytics platform - GeoMatrix® - and advance its application for improving human existence in harmony with the Earth’s natural cycles.


Our Values

Our Company has always sought to bring geospatial visualization to as wide an audience as possible - from planetary mapping for NASA and visualizing critical rescue locations for disaster relief teams such as those deployed after Hurricane Katrina, to Aircraft tracking for In-Flight Entertainment (IFE).  In addition to expanding our already robust IFE business, our passion remains focused on delivering - as accurately as possible - a digital twin of planet Earth and the places people inhabit to enable anyone to instantly visualize critical data about these locations in ways that match how the human brain sees the world in 3D. We measure our success by the ability of GeoFusion's technology to inspire and help give direction to the social, economic, infrastructure and ecological changes required for reducing the risks of climate change.


GeoFusion has been at the forefront of geospatial visualization since 2001 when it invented the first methods of accurately and effectively displaying vast amounts of planetary, geographic, human settlement and other 3D data using low-end hardware, as opposed to high-end hardware used in the industry at that time.


Our products are designed so that anyone can use them with minimal instructions.


GeoFusion takes great pride in its ability to inspire a cohesive team of industry experts and gurus to bring the best in software programming and custom user interfaces. As we continue to expand our core technologies into curated solutions for clients focused on reducing risks from accelerating climate change, we will maintain this collegial, collaborative culture to deliver the best products and services available anywhere.


We developed our core visualization technologies to operate at speed on any hardware with minimal power. Now, through simple user interfaces, we are able to empower clients with actionable insights from which they can make positive changes, thereby closing the widening gaps between indecision and action.

clean business

GeoFusion is and will remain committed to minimizing its carbon footprint created by its operations and its planned growth.


About Us

Founded in 2001 by a group of seasoned professionals who share a common vision and passion for Software Engineering and the art of Virtual Reality and 3D Visualization, GeoFusion specializes in high-performance, high-quality interactive geospatial solutions.
We are experts in integrating, displaying and tracking geo-referenced data on and around the Earth and other celestial bodies, focusing on the geographic, temporal, and spatial context. Geo-referenced data include Earth imagery (satellite and aerial), terrain data (elevation and bathymetry), vector data (political boundaries, coastlines, roads, etc.), annotation data (place names, GPS locations of objects, etc.), models (buildings, trees, towers, land/sea/air/space vehicles, satellites, etc.).
We're dedicated to creating the best Geospatial technology possible and making it accessible to a wide audience of users. Our proprietary technology allows for rapid development of stand-alone applications, applications that run inside web browsers, peer-to-peer and client-server applications. With an extremely fast rendering engine and a superior grid system for tiling the Earth, our powerful software architecture is designed, implemented and packaged for rapid solution generation. Highly extensible, it facilitates creative expression.
We accomplish our mission by licensing GeoFusion products, through strategic partnerships and by offering custom product development and rendering services. Since its inception, GeoFusion's focus has always been on developing its core technology, the GeoMatrix® geospatial platform and on the quality of superior rendering, optimized performance, ease of operation for end users, flexibility in its application and scalability for developers.
GeoFusion technology is used internationally in different industries: GIS, defense, aviation, space exploration, education, gaming, news, entertainment, and consumer products.


Trusted By Industry Leaders


"The GeoMatrix system creates a new standard for sharing and visualizing digital earth data."

Jack Dangermond, ESRI President


“The GeoFusion technology is extremely impressive from a foundational level. From a 3D perspective, their 3D rendering is top of the line.”

Thomas Kimberly, THALES Aerospace


“GeoFusion’s technology has always been far ahead of the rest. With it we ran the world’s first 4K 3D projection remotely from Japan while displaying it real time in California.”

John Graham, Senior Engineer, National Science Foundation


“We’ve been working with GeoFusion for over twenty years simply because of the fact that, if there is way, GeoFusion can do it.”

Robert Stacey, WorldSat International Inc.

Looking for more information?

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