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GeoPlayer Flight

A 3D Interactive Global Map platform for tracking Aircraft in 3D Earth environment.


High Performance

Highly optimized and originally designed for low resource systems. Operating on a full range of hardware platforms.

High Quality

From space all the way to the street level, GeoPlayer features multi-resolution Earth data, is perfectly color-balanced, and seamlessly transitions between resolution levels.

Highly Configurable

Powerful configuration back-end and unique configuration for each customer. Automatically configure the look, behavior, flight phase, content, language, and more.


Used in In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) Systems by more than 40 Airlines

GeoFusion is inventor of the first ever 3D Interactive Global Moving Map Application for the In-Flight Entertainment industry, adopted by Thales Avionics, Inc. in 2010 under the name “3DMaps”.

Fully Interactive

Follow the Aircraft in its journey from Origin to Destination.


Change views, turn on/off different features.

Explore the 3D Earth and thousands of Points of Interest.


Automatic scripts - sit back, relax and allow the 3D Map show you things.


Remote control - GeoPlayer Flight running on handheld device controlling GeoPlayer Flight running on SVDU.


Unique Configuration for Each Customer

Custom GUI elements, color schemas, fonts, graphics, models, scripted behaviors for different flight phases.


Translations for over 30 languages and dialects with consideration for political and cultural nuances.


Advertising content chosen by the Airline customer.


Advertising media is dynamically selected based on different criteria, such as languages, aircraft type, date and month ranges, origin and destination airports, and city pairs.

Purple - Blue Gradient

Our Avionics Clients

We have 40+ customers in the commercial aviation space, with our GeoPlayer Flight system (known as 3DMaps) running year-round on thousands of flights all around the world.


We welcome new customers with open arms and our team is eager to help create a premium, fully customizable experience for each and every customer. Please contact us any time with inquiries, questions, feedback, or ideas!

“GeoFusion is at the top of the game when it comes to custom configurations which involve sourcing, maps, resolutions and databases. Their solutions are extremely configurable.”

Thomas Kimberly, THALES Avionics, Inc.

Looking for more information?

Contact us to request a demo or to find out more about how GeoFusion can help you.

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