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The GeoMatrix® Toolkit and GeoMatrix® Application Framework provide high performance space-to-street-level visualization of imagery, terrain, vector and annotation data to GIS applications. Add realistic terrain to your mapping and navigation products. Develop spectacular interactive displays of Digital Planet data. Visualize your data in a global 3D context.


“The GeoFusion product enabled us to perform an exact geological survey by accurately visualizing the depth and contours of a proposed pit in an ecology preserve without having to go onsite or lift a single shovel.”

John Graham - Senior Engineer, National Science Foundation

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Municipalities: Urban Infrastructure & Built Environments

Cities everywhere are expanding in response to population growth and in-migration for economic opportunities. A major problem we face globally is that built environments are significant contributors to greenhouse gas emissions by virtue of how they are built, the energy they consume, the density of population they support, their greenspaces, or lack thereof, and the transportation infrastructures that make up their connective tissue; their spatial DNA.

GeoFusion’s curated solutions are designed to provide easy-to-use windows into hitherto complex 2D and 3D data in order to improve the ability of users to craft more effective policies.

Built Environment/Infrastructure Professionals

Urban designers, architects, civil and structural engineers are already employing advanced 3D BIM modeling for individual development & improvement projects. GeoFusion’s applications provide accurate, urban region-scaled 3D contexts that enable a host of environmental and regulatory analytics and simulations to be undertaken providing a key interface between the world of GIS and the world of BIM.  Advantages for professional teams include, rapid development of solutions, measuring future impacts of design decisions at the urban scale & streamlining front-end planning.

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Real Estate

Real estate assets worldwide are estimated to be valued at over $300 trillion. This sector is becoming more sophisticated in the management of its assets as well as marketing and selling the essence of its planned projects to municipalities and the communities contained with them.  GeoFusion’s 3D visualization portal provides the real estate sector with the ability to visualize and communicate the value of development projects while equipping developers with capabilities to visualize and analyze the financial, social and ecological impact of their development strategies.


GeoFusion technology powers 3D airspace visualization systems used by airports, governments, and corporations throughout the world. Superior rendering and optimized performance of GeoFusion technology, especially on systems with limited memory and graphics resources used on board of aircraft, make it invaluable for creating 3D Inflight Entertainment Systems that show aircraft on its route from origin to destination in real time.



GeoFusion technology provides the tools for developing global visualization applications for simulations, asset management, training, and war gaming. Create 2D and 3D continuous views of any battlespace, all geo referenced to imagery and elevation data. Applications can visualize virtually unlimited amounts of imagery. Perfect for interactive, realistic presentations.

Air/Land/Sea Fleet Tracking

Whether commercial, business, or charter, GeoFusion technology powers 3D visualization systems used by airports, governments, and corporations around the world.


Match available resources with destinations and demand more effectively and easily with GPS-enabled tracking. Secure land-based fleets against theft and make adjustments on the fly with real-time data on emergencies, and obstacles.


Space Exploration

GeoFusion technology is a perfect fit for Digital Planet modeling and visualization. GeoFusion technology is used on board of the International Space Station for points of interest tracking using realistic Digital Earth simulation that lets you explore Earth from the window of the International Space Station. GeoFusion technology is used to visualize Mars data from the Mars Exploration Rover Mission and create 3D stereo animations of the whole Mars and selected areas of high resolution data.

Consumer & Education

GeoFusion technology can be embedded in your applications providing high performance on low-cost platforms. Use earth-based visualization for education, travel, museums, real estate, and point-of-sale. Display Planet imagery in a way that will captivate and motivate students. Illustrate environmental issues in a global context. Perfect for interactive globe-based art.



Identify cases, anomalies, infection rates, morbidity rates and sources and juxtapose these in relation to available resources to improve response time and allocate resources where they're needed most.


Manage risk better with a bird's eye view of location, depth and variety of claims in a given community or sub-group. Identify trends, reduce outliers and drill down into data for greater insights. Leading insurers and underwriters rely on GeoFusion's high performance, low-cost technology platforms to flexibly map data in order to more accurately assess and mitigate risks. Distributing this data to employees and stakeholders is critical to their success, which is why GeoFusion is an indispensable partner in risk management.


News & Entertainment

GeoFusion provides high quality Digital Planet animation services for news, television, movies, and the web. Continuous level-of-detail and terrain morphing provide the realism required for television and movies. Custom solutions and Digital Planet environments created for museums, kiosks, and special displays.


Build realistic or fantasy planetary games with the GeoMatrix® Toolkit. The GeoMatrix® Engine provides real-time flight through earth-based or computer generated imagery and terrain. Continuous level-of-detail and terrain morphing provide an unparalleled sense of realism. High performance on game-level graphics. C++, object oriented API make planetary rendering and integration easy.


“The GeoFusion product has inherent capabilities that have not been fully exploited. It has tremendous potential for applications well outside of commercial aviation.”

Emery Miller, WorldSat International Inc.

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