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1st 3D Global Engine

for Commercial GIS


GeoFusion introduce GeoMatrix® - high-performance 3D Global Visualization Technology.


June 12

GeoFusion's 3D Global Visualization Technology adopted by ESRI and becomes the standard for ArcGIS family of geographic information system (GIS) software.

Press release:


Redlands, California - ESRI announced today plans to integrate GeoFusion, Inc.'s GeoMatrix® Toolkit technology into the ArcGIS family of geographic information system (GIS) software. GeoFusion's technology provides high-performance, high-quality, three-dimensional visualization of virtually unlimited amounts of imagery, terrain, vector, and annotation data from outer space to street level. Product integration will allow existing ArcGIS geodatabases to be mapped onto a digital earth and explored from a global perspective.

The GeoMatrix technology provides an increased sense of realism with digital earth data through features such as continuous level of detail while zooming, terrain morphing between resolution levels, and multiple globe layers for use with clouds, multiple planets, and so forth.

"GeoFusion's high-performance visualization technology provides us with a global-based interface for managing, exploring, and interacting with ArcGIS geodatabases," says Jack Dangermond, president, ESRI. "The GeoMatrix system creates a new standard for sharing and visualizing digital earth data. Our users will benefit greatly from the 3D performance and adaptability of the GeoMatrix Toolbox. Its object-oriented API fits cleanly with our existing applications, and our software engineers have found it very easy to use and are impressed with the performance and quality of the rendering."

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