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1st in 3D Photo Targeting from Space


GeoFusion invent the 3D Interactive Global object tracking platform.


Sept 23

GeoFusion's 3D Earth Visualization Technology adopted by TERC (Technical Education Research Centers) for their Windows on Earth product.

Press release:

TERC - Windows on Earth provides the user a view of Earth from an astronaut's viewpoint, with interactive photorealistic views of Earth as if seen from an altitude of 360 km. The program uses GeoFusion's digital Earth visualization system, which renders accurate views of Earth with terrain, satellite imagery, clouds, and other layers. The system is programmed for user interaction, allowing users to "fly" anywhere they wish to see, and zoom in or out to see details. The system's imagery is derived from Landsat, and features 3D perspective views.

Windows on Earth have been used on board of the International Space Station during Richard Garriott flight October 12-24, 2008 to identify targets of photograph. Garriott used Windows on Earth software to assist in the selection of locations on Earth to photograph, and the public were able to use the same online tool to track the ISS and see the view Richard was experiencing out an ISS window.

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