Gerhard Mayer

Vice President
Urban Design Systems

Mr. Mayer leads GeoFusion’s urban design solutions and systems user interface design work with cities, sustainability and design professionals, and real estate corporations. He is an architect & urban designer who is a long-time advocate for a major paradigm shift from sprawl towards walkable, multimodal, equitable and sustainable high-quality urban living. Originally from Vienna (Austria), he emigrated to the US on a Fulbright Scholarship in Sustainable Design and Architecture.  Gerhard’s experience on four continents includes work with the father of tropical modernism - Geoffrey Bawa in Sri Lanka; with Gensler on European movies studios where the cultural clashes between US methods and European tradition required a daily bridge- building; with Frank Gehry for 8 years on a variety of projects involving advanced digital modeling to achieve unique non-linear design solutions capable of being precision-assembled; and work on semiconductor factories in Germany and clients in Southern California. At GeoFusion, Gerhard continues his focus on shaping advanced geospatial systems for improving quality urban design as the medium through which many of the shortcomings of our built environments can be visualized and digitally re-shaped to help identify solutions to intractable urban social, well-being, economic and ecological problems. Gerhard is a prolific writer and has led several local initiatives and non-profits for creating a better Southern California.