Digital Planet Solutions

Multi-user environments
Network sharing and viewing of data
Custom data integration
Multi-platform UNIX/PC environments
Digital earth built to your specifications
No limit to the amount of data that can be added to the system
Advanced interactive viewing controls

Each organization has different needs when it comes to integrating their geo-spatial data into a Digital Planet system. GeoFusion will design and build a custom solution for your organizations earth visualization needs.

Partnering on Innovative Products

Digital Planet rendering
Data acquisition
Data fusion

With the advent of high-bandwidth networks, geometrically increasing amounts of satellite imagery, and vast amounts of geo-spatially-based data, opportunities abound for innovative products and services that blend these together in a useful fashion for customers needs. GeoFusion will partner with companies interested in developing unique Digital Planet-based applications to meet this demand. Contact us today with your ideas - GeoFusion will provide the expertise.

Custom Rendering

Web movie, video, or film output
Integration of custom data into Digital Planet
Custom flight path to your specifications
Fully controllable camera angles

Captivate your audience with earth fly-by or zoom-in movies. Get your point across by displaying the geographic relationship of assets at a global or regional scale. GeoFusion will create custom, high quality Digital Planet movies or images for your business presentation, web site, news, or advertising needs.

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