Authoring and Visualization Tool for Digital Planet data

GeoFusion's GeoPlayer™ Professional (GeoPlayerPro) is a user friendly tool designed for authoring and viewing Digital Planet environments. It is a global visualization system that allows users to interactively navigate large digital planetary datasets and explore unlimited amount of digital data in real time on a computer with game level graphics. It provides the ability to create GeoMatrix® datasets and interactively combine them with world objects such as symbols, labels, 3D models, etc. and scripted fly-though paths, into an experience that is viewable by other applications. GeoPlayerPro is a WYSIWYG editor with a fully interactive viewing window. GeoPlayerPro authored environments are saved into a compact XML "session" file format that can be used by GeoMatrix® Framework applications to create an interactive experience with all the performance and capabilities of the GeoMatrix® Toolkit technology.

GeoPlayerPro is based on GeoMatrix® Toolkit and GeoMatrix® Application Framework - state-of-the-art systems developed by GeoFusion for maintaining digital planetary databases and simulating views of the Earth and/or other planets.

Platform Support

PC (coming soon: UNIX, IA64/Linux, MAC OS X).


Microsoft Help on PC (HTML on UNIX, IA64/Linux and MAC OS X).


GeoPlayerPro functionality is divided into the flowing categories:


GeoPlayerPro allows interactively create visualization objects that make up the desired Digital Planet experience, and organize them into Sessions. Each Session could have one or multiple Windows. Each Window could have one or multiple Globes in it. Each Globe could have multiple objects attached to it, such as DataSets, labels, billboards, models, vectors, etc. When completed, a Session can be saved to a disk file as a set of XML-coded descriptions. GeoPlayerPro and other applications based on the GeoMatrix® Application Framework should then be able to read session files and recreate the Digital Planet views.


GeoPlayerPro is a virtual reality application. Once a Session has been interactively created, read in from disk or accessed over the Internet, the Digital Planet experience is then available for viewing with a GeoPlayerPro. It allows interacting with objects in the Session, manipulating them and changing their parameters.

Data Processing

GeoPlayerPro allows interactive processing of "source" data into GeoMatrix DataSets of four basic data types: Image, Elevation, Vector and Annotation. It can manage multiple processing operations, each with, possibly, large numbers of source files and display of processing parameters. It can display the geographic extent of the dataset tiles, and the progress of tile generation in the view window. It can apply Stencil vector loops interactively to the source area to produce the desired dataset are.


GeoPlayerPro allows interactively create animations. It can visualize Flight paths as vector sequences in the environment and key frame points interactively created, manipulated and deleted. Animations could run whiting the GeoPlayerPro. Animation could also be saved on disk as a sequence of frames or an AVI movie. Alternatively it can output still images, including large-format images for printing, as well as mosaics of large-format images.

Pricing & Licensing

GeoPlayer™ Professional is licensed for $1,500 (US) for a permanent license.

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