A Content Distribution System for streaming Digital Planet data

The GeoMatrix® Tile Server (GMXServer) provides network and Internet access to GeoMatrix® datasets to any client application built with the gmx_io library from the GeoMatrix® Application Framework. This includes GeoPlayer™ Web plug-in and GeoPlayer™ Professional. GMXServer runs as an Apache HTTPD Server Module and handles GeoMatrix® tile requests via standard HTTP protocol. The GMXServer can serve a large number of clients with thousands of different datasets. Clients can connect and be served different datasets by multiple GMXServers at the same time. The GMXServer supports GeoFusion's "combined" data format.

Platform Support

PC, UNIX, IA64/Linux and Solaris.


Microsoft Help on PC; HTML on UNIX, IA64/Linux and Solaris


GMXServer can be configured to access multiple hierarchical directory structures. At startup, it will recursively search the configured directories for GeoMatrix® datasets and provide access to them. The GMXServer can take advantage of multiple processors and by following our Apache HTTPD server configuration recommendations it will run most efficiently. The recommended Apache Server configuration includes:

  • Use of the worker Multi-processing Module (MPM) module with a small number of client servers each handling a large number of threads. This allows each request to be handled by a separate thread rather than process.
  • Use of Keep-Alive in order to reduce HTTP connect round trips.
  • Use of the Apache memory caching module. Dramatically increases performance by keeping the most often requested tiles in memory and reducing disk accesses.

Pricing & Licensing

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