The Tool of Choice for Building Digital Planet Applications

The GeoMatrix® Toolkit, by GeoFusion Inc., is a C++ Software Development Kit (SDK) that provides an object-oriented Application Programmers Interface (API) enabling software developers to build high-performance, interactive full-globe Digital Planet applications. The toolkit is a full development environment that includes modular libraries, example applications, and documentation. Draw your own content, models, etc., onto the GeoFusion rendered world of your choice.

Let the World be Your Interface

GeoMatrix® technology provides an increased sense of realism with world-wide datasets through features such as continuous level-of-detail while zooming, terrain morphing between resolution levels, and a multiple globes capability that allows for cloud layers, overlays, multiple planets, etc.

The GeoMatrix® Toolkit provides increased value to existing geospatial-based visualization applications through its:

  • global reference system
  • space-to-street-level superior rendering quality
  • high performance on low cost hardware platforms
  • global terrain rendering viewable from any 3D perspective
  • fully interactive control of rendered objects and views

The GeoMatrix® Toolkit reduces time-to-market and R&D costs by providing:

  • proven technology
  • a high-level object-oriented API
  • high performance global rendering services
  • example applications

The GeoMatrix® System is used to pre-process and then access, in real-time, arbitrary (and typically very large) amounts of geo-specific data: image, terrain, vector, and annotation. The data is pre-processed using a spherical tiling system; tiles are filtered into multiple resolution levels for use in high-quality 3D perspective views of the Earth. These views can then be combined with a variety of overlay graphics, text, models of buildings, planes, etc., and used to produce still images, motion picture sequences, or interactive sessions at a computer workstation.

Sample applications with source code

  • preprocess source data into the GeoMatrix
  • high-performance multi-threaded interactive viewer for imagery, terrain, vector, and annotation data
  • draw shape files onto the Earth
  • draw and move 3D models in an interactive Earth scene
  • draw a star field behind the Earth
  • fly to a clicked point on the Earth
  • blend between datasets

Platform Support and Build Environment

  • PC, UNIX and IA64/Linux
  • Visual Studio on PC
  • Makefiles on UNIX and IA64/Linux


  • Getting Started Manual
  • Programmer's Manual
  • Interactive class and API documentation based on processed header files, containing class listings and inheritance diagrams (Microsoft Help on PC; HTML, Man page on UNIX and IA64/Linux)



  • Multi-resolution support for four basic data types: imagery, terrain, vector, and annotation.
  • Unique sphere tiling method enables the whole earth, including polar areas, to be efficiently represented and rendered (same as used by ESRI's ArcGlobe that has licensed this tiling method from GeoFusion).
  • Data pre-processing routines and customizable data import module.
  • Datasets are independent. Ability to attach or detach, and render an arbitrary number of datasets each with an arbitrary, potentially very large, amount of data.
  • Supports any number of overlapping, high-resolution image or terrain data inserts.
  • Supports industry standard texture compression formats.
  • Lossless compression of datasets further reduces disk and bandwidth requirements


  • Real-time rendering and display of global and local scale imagery, elevation, and vector-based datasets.
  • Real-time rendering of multiple global and high resolution imagery and terrain data inserts.
  • Continuous level of detail while zooming.
  • Terrain morphing between resolution levels.
  • Terrain scaling and tessellation bias control.
  • Flat or spherical globe rendering.
  • Ultra-fast Level-Of-Detail calculation.
  • Demand paging of tiled data for four basic data types: imagery, terrain, vector, annotation. Memory resources are efficiently recycled among the currently used memory pages.
  • Object interface and rendering engine allow for multiple scenes (windows), each with multiple globes, and each globe with multiple datasets.
  • Multiple globes can be coincident, concentric, or separated to provide various effects such as translucent overlays (used with clouds above the Earth), fade between datasets, geologic features, planets, etc.
  • Scene scaling allows both global and street level features to be rendered while retaining numeric precision.
  • Ability to add your own polygonal model for airborne, ground, and space-based objects.


  • View library simplifies interactive, pan, zoom, tilt, and spin control.
  • Interactive movement via Earth pivot mode or flight mode.
  • Three ways of managing perspective: matrixes, "view parameters", quaternions.
  • Utility functions for culling and picking objects in a scene, facilitating coordination of cultural features, and collision detection.
  • Application programmers can add their own content as well as look and feel to GeoMatrix-based Digital Planet applications.

Pricing & Licensing

Software Development

The GeoMatrix® Toolkit is licensed for $8,000 (US) per development seat per OS platform. A separate license is required for distribution of developed applications (see Software Distribution section below). This includes:

  • Dynamic linked libraries (development and distribution versions) and their header files
  • Example application for processing source data into the GeoMatrix format
  • Example high-performance multi-threaded interactive viewer for imagery, terrain, vector, and annotation data
  • Example application to draw shape files onto the Earth
  • Example application to draw and move 3D models in an interactive Earth scene
  • Example application to draw a star field behind the Earth
  • Example application to fly to a clicked point on the Earth
  • Example application to blend between datasets
  • Getting Started and Programmer's Manual
  • Interactive class and API documentation
  • Email support for three years
  • Patch releases for three years
  • Unlimited use on the licensed development machine
  • Right to run demonstration application on other machines
  • Licensing system

A free sample data CD is available that includes public domain data already processed into the GeoMatrix. This includes:

  • 1km resolution global Earth image
  • 1km resolution global Earth terrain
  • Global political boundry vectors
  • Global scale annotations
  • sample high resolution image and terrain inserts.

Software Distribution

Distribution of developed applications are subject to a Distribution License Agreement. This is typically a percent or fee-based royalty that takes into account business model, pricing, application, existing or projected sales, etc. Please contact us to discuss your products.

Contact: (831) 458-1418

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