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 in Booth #618

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GeoFusion's 3D GlobalVisualization to Become
the Standard for ESRI Products see press release

 GeoFusion provides high-performance visualization of virtually unlimited amounts of imagery, terrain, vector, and annotation data from outer space to street level.

The GeoMatrix™ Toolkit provides increased value to existing geospatial-based visualization applications through its:

The GeoMatrix™ Toolkit is a C++ software development kit that provides an object-oriented application programmer’s interface enabling software developers to build high-performance, interactive full-globe digital Earth and planetary-based applications.

Let the Earth be Your Interface      

Supports any number of overlapping, high-resolution image or terrain data inserts

Continuous level-of-detail while zooming

Supports multi-resolution vector data, or, draw your own 3D content onto the GeoFusion rendered world.


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