Digital Earth systems
Web-based Digital Planets

The GeoMatrix® Toolkit and GeoMatrix® Application Framework provide high performance space-to-street-level visualization of imagery, terrain, vector and annotation data to GIS applications. Add realistic terrain to your mapping and navigation products. Develop spectacular interactive displays of Digital Planet data. Visualize your data in a global 3D context.


Tracking Systems
Real-time terrain visualization
PC digital earth rendering

GeoFusion technology provides the tools for developing global visualization applications for simulations, asset management, training, and war gaming. Create 2D and 3D continuous views of any battlespace, all geo referenced to imagery and elevation data. Applications can visualize virtually unlimited amounts of imagery. Perfect for interactive, realistic presentations.


3D airspace visualization
Aircraft tracking systems
Public airport displays of air traffic
3D Inflight Entertainment (IFE) systems

GeoFusion technology powers 3D airspace visualization systems used by airports, governments, and corporations throughout the world. Superior rendering and optimized performance of GeoFusion technology, especially on systems with limited memory and graphics resources used on board of aircraft, make it invaluable for creating 3D Inflight Entertainment Systems that show aircraft on its route from origin to destination in real time.

Space Exploration

3D planetary modeling and visualization
Global-scale points of interest tracking
3D stereo animation production

GeoFusion technology is a perfect fit for Digital Planet modeling and visualization. GeoFusion technology works on board of the International Space Station for points of interest tracking using realistic Digital Earth simulation that lets you explore Earth from the window of the International Space Station. GeoFusion technology is used to visualize Mars data from the Mars Exploration Rover Mission and create 3D stereo animations of the whole Mars and selected areas of high resolution data.

News / Entertainment

Fly through animations
Special effects

GeoFusion provides high quality Digital Planet animation services for news, television, movies, and the web. Continuous level-of-detail and terrain morphing provide the realism required for television and movies. Custom solutions and Digital Planet environments created for museums, kiosks, and special displays.

Consumer / Education

3D Earth-based interface
Real-estate and Travel
Museums and Kiosks
Spherical-based art

GeoFusion technology can be embedded in your applications providing high performance on low-cost platforms. Use earth-based visualization for education, travel, museums, real estate, and point-of-sale. Display Planet imagery in a way that will captivate and motivate students. Illustrate environmental issues in a global context. Perfect for interactive globe-based art.


3D Earth rendering engine
Earth-based realism
Virtual worlds

Build realistic or fantasy planetary games with the GeoMatrix® Toolkit. The GeoMatrix® Engine provides real-time flight through earth-based or computer generated imagery and terrain. Continuous level-of-detail and terrain morphing provide an unparalleled sense of realism. High performance on game-level graphics. C++, object oriented API make planetary rendering and integration easy.

image: © Armands Auseklis

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