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GeoFusion licenses its technology to and partners with leading software development companies and Digital Planet content providers to create state-of-the-art applications for a wide variety of markets.

GeoDiscovery Interactive   GeoDiscovery

GeoDiscovery Interactive has integrated GeoFusion's GeoMatrix® technology into their software. Read more ...

GeoDiscovery Interactive has developed an innovating software application that exploits global exploration and learning.
The GeoDiscovery software application is an earth visualization tool that allows clients to visually index a wealth of information in a 3-Dimensional geographical context.

TERC (Technical Education Research Centers)   Windows on Earth

TERC has integrated GeoFusion's GeoMatrix® technology into their Windows on Earth software. Read more ...

TERC, founded in 1965, is an education research and development organization based in Cambridge, MA.
TERC specializes in innovative approaches to science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education. Its Center for Earth and Space Science Education (CESSE) focuses on revolutionary approaches to Earth and space science education that feature Earth as a dynamic, globally-integrated system, and taps into the power of the space-age perspective and powerful visualization tools.

ViewTec, Inc.   TerrainView-Globe

ViewTec has integrated GeoFusion's GeoMatrix® technology into their TerrainView family software. Read more ...

ViewTec, founded in 1998, is a spin-off company emerging from the University of Zurich, Department of Computer Science, Switzerland. ViewTecs core business covers the fields of Virtual Reality, 3D Computer Graphics and Scientific Visualization.

BridgeNet   BridgeXtreme

BridgeNet has integrated GeoFusion's GeoMatrix® technology into their BridgeXtreme software. Read more ...

BridgeNet International invents and deploys innovative management and technology solutions that address complex aircraft noise issues for airports and residential communities. With more than two decades of experience and original software solutions, the company identifies problems precisely and solves them through a diagnostic process that mitigates political, community and technical concerns and builds consensus for ideas and solutions.

ESRI   ArcGlobe   ArcGIS Explorer

ESRI has integrated GeoFusion's GeoMatrix® technology into their ArcGIS family of GIS software. Read more ...

For more than 30 years, ESRI has been the leading developer of GIS software with more than 300,000 clients worldwide. ESRIs goal is to provide users with comprehensive tools to help them quickly and efficiently manage and use geographic information to make a real difference in the world around them.

Science Museum of Minnesota   Mars 3D

Science Museum of Minnesota used GeoFusion's GeoMatrix® technology to create their high definition stereo movie about Mars. Read more ...

Mars 3D reveals REAL images captured by the rovers' 3D cameras on the surface of Mars, as well as cutting-edge animations created from the data acquired by Spirit and Opportunity. The planet's landscapes will surround you and leap from the screen.

WorldSat International, Inc.

WorldSat International Inc. creates consumer based products from satellite imagery. Since that time, WorldSat produced the first true satellite atlas of the world and continues to break ground in the reproduction of 3D and perspective views of the Earth based on satellite imagery. Over the past few years WorldSat has focused on expanding its associations into the remote sensing world to both improve the sourcing of data as well as being able to expand its offerings into the more traditional aspects of mapping and resource management.

ManyOne Networks

ManyOne Networks is creating a next generation Web medium, through a new browser called the ManyOne Universal Browser and a new Web portal service, called the ManyOne Universal Portal Service. The ManyOne Universal Browser transforms the experience of the Internet from flat pages and text into a living and breathing, visual universe of information by incorporating GeoFusion technology directly in the browser. The ManyOne Universal Portal Service enables partners – such as non-profits, companies, even individuals – to quickly create and deploy world-class portals to their members, employees, and audiences, within a financial model that addresses many of the problems that have challenged online endeavors in recent years.


Developer Plus Partners Program


Worldfx provides state-of-the-art real world visualizations of the Earth using satellite-imagery mosaics and large-format print mediums. Our products include inflatable replicas of the Earth, large-format Earth murals and custom, satellite-imagery derived products for a number of markets.

Tom Van Sant and the Geosphere Project

The purpose of The GeoSphere Project is to make complex global systems understandable. Through the use of technology we are creating visualizations that illustrate and enhance our understanding of Earth processes. By visualizing and understanding these processes we can evolve from Earth resource users to Earth resource managers.

Pandromeda, Inc.

Purveyors of quality fractal terrain models and viewing software.

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