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GeoFusion, Inc. is a technology company specializing in Virtual Reality and 3D Visualization. GeoFusion is dedicated to creating the best Digital Planet technology that is accessible by a wide audience of users. This vision is being implemented through licensing of GeoFusion products, strategic partnerships, custom product development and rendering services.

GeoFusion is a privately held company founded in 2001 by a small group of seasoned professionals that shared common vision and passion for Software Engineering and art of Virtual Reality and 3D Visualization. Since its inception GeoFusion focus has always been on developing its core technology - GeoMatrix® Digital Planet System. and quality of superior rendering, optimized performance, ease of operation for end users, flexibility and scalability for developers.

GeoFusion technology is used internationally in different industries: GIS, Defense, Aviation, Space Exploration, Education, Gaming, News, Entertainment, and Consumer.

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